The Chamber serves as legislated advisor of each government on issues of commerce, manufacturing and economic developments in general, while at the same time it is a powerful institution that essentially supports entrepreneurship in the region, since it advises, informs, represents, backs and promotes, at no financial cost.



By its initiatives, various actions and key interventions, PCCI aims at:


  • raising the problems of the companies recorded at sectorial, regional and national levels
  • improving the position of the port of Piraeus as regards the international apportionment of passengers and goods transport and the revival of commercial, manufacturing and shipbuilding process
  • supporting the internationalization of Greek companies and strengthening their presence in the international markets
  • enhancing the liquidity of SMEs by promoting modern financial tools
  • restarting the development process, making our country a magnet for all kinds of investment activity, reflecting and dealing with problems that beset daily SMEs in the struggle for survival, but also the bigger companies that choose to migrate
  • developing concrete proposals that enhance entrepreneurship by taking advantage of national and Community resources
  • turning into a Companies' Service Centre - inextricably linked to its main mission to offer "free" public services to the private sector and compared to the reinforcement of a single service framework for entrepreneurship, bearing the particular responsibility for accelerating the development of innovative ideas and support business partnerships in the area of Piraeus
  • developing to a modern tool of business development for the city and the port of Piraeus, as well as the waterfront it covers, but also the region that has within its responsibility.

Moreover, through digital modernization, PCCI aims at operating competitively and reciprocally, facilitating establishment, licensing, operation and, especially, the return to growth of small and large, old and new companies.

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