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General Electronic Commercial Registry (G.E.MI.)

The need to establish a uniform framework for organization, awareness and use of the records of the public administration was a long existing demand of the country's business community. It was established by Law 3419/2005 and started functioning in April 2011. Overlapping of data, problems in naming, different encodings, fragmented collection of data from agencies, lack of company data historicity etc., were just some of the problems faced by the business community resulting in creating problems in the processes of "entrepreneurship" in general.



The G.E.MI. Service is responsible, inter alia, for:

  • Establishing an enterprise of any legal form, which is not within the jurisdiction of one-stop shops and obtains legal status by registering at G.E.MI.
  • Keeping the natural G.E.MI. Record and entering on it changes / modifications of enterprises of all legal forms and issuing the relevant notices.
  • Issuing of certificates for registered companies.
  • Granting of copies / extracts of under publication documents that are recorded on the account of everyone bound to register to G.E.MI.
  • Checking over the documents for the creation of S.A. and L.T.D. companies that have been established by notaries who act as a One Stop Shop.
  • Entering on G.E.MI. the websites of companies and announcing the posting on the website and entering financial statements of S.A. and L.T.D. companies.



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