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To the economy


PCCI attempts to help set up a free, flexible, competitive and modern business environment which promotes the productive forces of the country and marks up the fields of commerce and industry as the engines that will lead to everlasting and sustainable economic growth. At the same time, PCCI participates in the making of an economic policy aiming at creating a fair, reliable and stable tax system, at reducing red tape, making the public sector effective, and, more generally, creating the appropriate conditions for attracting and promoting Greek and foreign investment.

In order to achieve this goal, PCCI intervenes daily with documented positions and proposes solutions by submitting memoranda, holding and attending meetings with representatives of all relevant bodies and organizations, government officials, members of parliament, local and regional authorities and political leaders.



To Shipping and Shipbuilding Industry


With the belief that the development of the city of Piraeus is directly linked to the wealth of the sea, one of the primary objectives of the Chamber is to upgrade the region as a shipping centre by bringing together the entire Maritime-Port Cluster in order to become a competitive magnet for international shipping. Moreover, through a series of actions, it promotes the improvement of extroversion of primary and secondary production of the country, focusing on the export of Greek products including supplying cruise ships and oceangoing vessels.

In order to deal drastically with issues of maritime interest and problems of the sensitive and exchange-bearing branch of "Shipping industry", PCCI stays abreast of developments in the industry and takes the initiative for conducting studies, proposing solutions to competent bodies and intervenes dynamically, while its representatives participate in maritime conferences and working groups to resolve targeted issues of the field.

Furthermore, it implements successfully training programs, financed by the European Union, for employed and unemployed people, aiming at the skills' upgrading and certification of those in the Shipbuilding and Repairing Industry.



Τo Employment & Training


PCCI puts special emphasis on specific sensitive areas, since it:

  • organizes conferences, workshops, free training seminars for its companies-members (such as training seminars and certification for Safety Technicians) and other actions regarding general education, subsidized or not, information and training in issues of entrepreneurial interest.
  • informs companies on funding programs for hiring unemployed people as well as for education and training of their employees.
  • informs the unemployed, on employment programs and their integration into the labour market, as well as specialized programs on training, funding and creating new enterprises.
  • implements co-funded projects aimed at improving the competitiveness and efficiency of Greek enterprises through the development of their human resources.


To Culture


Within the context of the humanitarian and social dimension of its role, PCCI, within the confines of its budget, contributes financially to various institutions, social, cultural and other charitable organizations.


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